A CEO manifesto on debt and deficit

Oct 25, 2012
CEOs from across the country are asking Congress to figure out how to decrease the deficit. But how pure are their intentions?
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Economic confidence varies from street to C-suite

Sep 26, 2012
While consumer confidence may be higher, business executives are less bullish
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The rise of the CEO pitchman

Sep 11, 2012
From Frank Perdue and his chickens to Lee Iacocca and his cars, product pitches by CEOs are not uncommon. But since Steve Jobs' performances at Apple, they've become part of the job description for tech CEO.
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Your paycheck and the CEO's - side by side

Aug 21, 2012
Companies resist a law that would compare CEO pay to employees'
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Some companies compare - and cap - the CEO-to-worker pay ratio

Aug 21, 2012
But many companies worry that making the executive-to-worker pay ratio public will draw scorn
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Best Buy brings in a new CEO

Aug 20, 2012
Struggling electronics retailer Best Buy has named a new chief executive: Frenchman Hubert Joly will likely take the helm in early September.
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CEOs face shorter tenures and tougher critics

Aug 10, 2012
For shareholders and corporate boards in various industries, patience with CEOs might be wearing thinner. Data show that the average tenure of a CEO has dropped from 10 years to 8.4 years since 2000.
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What reality TV can do for a CEO

Aug 8, 2012
Coincidence? The head of Chiquita is the third ousted CEO since 2011 to have appeared on “Undercover Boss.” Is the show a curse or a bonus?
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Volkswagen sets out to double U.S. sales

Jun 19, 2012
Volkswagen wants to sell 800,000 cars and trucks a year in the U.S. by 2018. That's an ambitious goal: it's more than twice what German automaker sells here today.
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Apple CEO's public relations dividend

May 25, 2012
Apple head Tim Cook says he will forgo the $75 million dividend from his company stock. It's a shrewd move at a time when corporate chiefs are under pressure for being over paid.
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