A General Motors logo is shown at the General Motors Technical Center.

Cars: hardware or software?

May 21, 2015
General Motors says your own car may not be entirely owned by you.
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Amazon is coming out with a car trunk delivery program.

Soon Amazon will deliver to the trunk of your car

Apr 22, 2015
...if you drive an Audi, have Prime and live in Munich.
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Jeep is expanding internationally with plans to open shop and start production in China and India soon.

Jeep eyes international sales

Mar 2, 2015
Fiat-Chrysler is transforming the iconic but American-centric Jeep into an international brand.
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The window sticker of a Chevrolet Aveo with a miles-per-gallon rating of 26 city/34 highway is seen at Hoskins Chevrolet in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

How the EPA made gas-mileage numbers accurate

Feb 24, 2015
The EPA has increasingly made mileage tests a more accurate measure of reality
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Will Apple put the pedal to the metal?

Feb 20, 2015
There are reports that Apple is gearing up to build a car. Ok, we'll bite.
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President's day was once celebrated through bicycle races and bicycle sales.

President's Day: A celebration of two wheels?

Feb 16, 2015
President's day was once recognized as a day when people sold bikes.
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A person tests a Toyota three-wheeled electric-powered car named the I-Road in Grenoble, during the presentation of a full electric car-sharing service.

Why 3-wheeled cars never caught on

Feb 11, 2015
They're not as safe and don't haul as much as a common auto with four wheels.
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Cars are becoming more susceptible to hacking as newer technology is added.

Auto security? What security?

Feb 9, 2015
New report says connected autos cars are even more vulnerable to online breaches.
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Pent-up demand happily collides with new car models

Feb 4, 2015
Detroit automakers benefit from streamlining operating costs during the recession.
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Mark Dipko, director of corporate planning at Hyundai Motors America, reveals the Santa Cruz concept car to the media at this year's auto show in Detroit.

Auto shows are in the business of creating a buzz

Jan 12, 2015
Detroit auto show is one of country's biggest, and more than 750 cars are on display.
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