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Best-Ever Super Bowl Ads: Taco Bell's Charles Barkley "five buck box"

Jan 25, 2011
I remember it because my friend was in it...and it was pretty bad. Check out other Super Bowl ads that the Marketplace staff picked here.
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Show me the money!

Oct 12, 2010
Actually, in the case of former NFL agent Josh Luchs, his catchphrase was more like "Hollywood's calling. You gonna answer the call?" In an honest...
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The NFL is trying to get 'em while they're young

Sep 23, 2010
Between the chips and beer, you might want to stick some juice boxes and Cheerios before settling in to watch the game....
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The Most Marketable Player in Baseball

Jul 20, 2010
Advertisers love Derek Jeter. According to a survey by SportsBusinessDaily...
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Golden State sold for record amount

Jul 15, 2010
The Golden State Warriors basketball team was sold today for $450 million, which makes it the highest price ever paid for an NBA team....
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Michigan's Big House

Jul 14, 2010
The University of Michigan has football bragging rights even before the season begins. The school announced today that at the start of football...
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The Booming Business of Anti-LeBron T-shirts

Jul 14, 2010
There have been many statements made and shot down about how the economy of Cleveland will suffer because of LeBron James' departure to South Beach...
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Bienvenidos a Miami

Jul 9, 2010
Its official, NBA all-star LeBron James is leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers and joining the Miami Heat. There he will play along side Dwayne Wade...
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Is a win for FIFA a win for South Africa?

Jul 8, 2010
Even though the World Cup has not yet ended, there are already some clear winners and losers....
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N.B.A. Increases Salary Cap

Jul 7, 2010
The National Basketball Association announced Wednesday that it increased the salary cap for the 2010-2011 season to just over $58 million. The...
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