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Coke to make cuts amid sales slump

Dec 26, 2014
A thirst for healthier drinks pushes sales of soda down
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School supplies

Your Wallet: The rising cost of school supplies

Aug 22, 2014
Marketplace's Adriene Hill explains the rising cost of school supplies being handed to parents.
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New ways to cut wasteful spending at the Pentagon

May 13, 2013
The Air Force turns to rank and file to ferret out waste, following the example of the private sector.
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Sequester: Sixth time's the charm?

Mar 1, 2013
It’s not the first time Washington has cut budgets across the board. But even when sequesters were much smaller, they were a nightmare to carry out.
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Sequester could upend lives of federal workers

Feb 28, 2013
Some federal employees stand to lose as much as 20 percent of their wages because of the sequester.
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How does the sequester compare to budget cuts past? A brief history

Feb 26, 2013
Budget cuts known as sequester aren’t unprecedented, experts say. But their timing and indiscriminate nature are worrying.
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Sequester: A fiscal cliff we will go over

Feb 25, 2013
Although Congress has avoided several fiscal deadlines in the eleventh-hour in the last few months, many political analysts are not optimistic a sequester deal will be struck.
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Sequester cuts: Economic threat or all politics?

Feb 25, 2013
As the government gets closer to the sequester deadline, the warnings about what the federal budget cuts would mean are getting louder.
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Local TV gets presidential exclusive

Feb 21, 2013
The president gave interviews Wednesday to eight local TV stations in markets with a lot at stake in the fight over the across the board budget cuts.
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Possible funding cuts weigh on researcher

Feb 18, 2013
Biomedical engineer worries about the future of her research amid the sequester threat.
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