Read the FCC's report on broadband access

May 24, 2011
If you're into 99 page reports with lots of details, here you go! If you're into 2-page press releases that summarize said reports, here you go!
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FCC may give the country's broadband deployment a big F

Apr 20, 2011
The FCC's yearly 706 report on how well broadband providers are deploying broadband services to Americans. Last year was the first time in years...
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More than a quarter of all Americans still don't use the Internet

Feb 17, 2011
Results of a federal survey on Net connectivity out today suggest that more than a quarter of all Americans still do not use the Internet, and as...
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Washington's Internet Obsession

Nov 18, 2010
Here in Washington, the Obama Administration has been pursuing a lot of internet-related policy while we've all been distracted with tax cut and...
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Internet? Meh, say 23% of American households

Nov 10, 2010
Maybe it's too easy to think that the internet is a part of everyone's lives. But then you see a report like this new one from the Department of...
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Chattanooga to get fastest Internet service in U.S.

Sep 13, 2010
Think your Internet service is fast? Probably not if you live in the United States -- with the rare exception of those living close to a major...
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Net Neutrality: What Are We Fighting For?

Aug 18, 2010
Net Neutrality is a complicated issue.  The recent Google/Verizon policy proposal has raised new questions about the open internet - the idea...
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Net Neutrality news roundup

Aug 17, 2010
The evolving conversation about net neutrality in wake of the Google/verizon policy proposal now includes a letter to the FCC from four Democrats...
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High-speed Net service hits slowdown

Aug 12, 2008
Wired's "Epicenter" blog has an item based on reports out this week that say Americans' adoption of broadband service hit a seven-year low last...
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