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Netflix shares tumble

Oct 25, 2011
Netflix stock could use some mouth-to-mouth today. The company's shares fell more than 30 percent today, the first time they have been below $100 since the summer of 2009.
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Sweet tooth -- traders buy commodities

Sep 26, 2011
Commodities priced jumped today, after prices fell to a ten-moth low last week. Sugar spun up to its highest price in more than a month. Aluminum rose, and coffee perked up, too.
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Why Banks Don't Listen to their Risk Managers

Sep 19, 2011
Woodbine Associates sent me an opinion piece this morning. It's a bit long, but it makes for interesting reading....
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Glug glug glug - cash drains out of stocks

Sep 19, 2011
Money continues to flow out of the stock market. A report by Bloomberg News today cites research by the Investment Company Institute and EPFR...
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Bernanke: nothing for now

Sep 8, 2011
The Fed Chairman said today that he "expects economic growth to improve slowly and inflation to ease":
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The problem with Operation Twist

Sep 7, 2011
Or should I say, another problem. Operation Twist is designed to lower long term interest rates, in order to make it cheaper or consumers to borrow...
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Europe: Nooobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition. Yet.

Sep 7, 2011
If you thought America's problems - four years into the financial crisis aftermath - were bad, it's particularly sobering to realize that Europe,...
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When the market's up, we buy cars...

Aug 31, 2011
...and when it's down, we don't. That makes no sense, of course: the stock markets are not an accurate reflection of the national economy. They...
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Hedge funds taking a hammering

Aug 30, 2011
Some Americans may be feeling a hint of schadenfreude at the news that hedge funds are having a hard time of it in this market....
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