2030: Albert Brooks' somber look at America's future

Jun 3, 2011
Albert Brooks discusses his new novel, "2030," his vision of the future, and how concerned he is about what's happening in the U.S. right now.
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Twitter book club

May 27, 2011
1book140 is a new book club founded by editors at The Atlantic and Jeff Howe, a journalism professor at Northeastern University. They took some 300...
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The 'reckless' behavior that led to the financial crisis

May 26, 2011
Gretchen Morgenson, co-author of the book "Reckless Endangerment," discusses the role housing and real estate played in the financial crisis.
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Kissinger on China -- past and present

May 18, 2011
Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger discusses what it was like the first time he visited Beijing in 1971, the nation's economic rise, and whether U.S. worries about China are justified.
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The human costs of Nigeria's oil industry

May 16, 2011
Nigerian novelist Helon Habila discusses Nigeria's oil industry and whether it can live without the black gold.
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Can festivals save the book?

Apr 29, 2011
Events bring in book lovers -- even as brick-and-mortar stores close.
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Chasing Chiles: Hot Spots Along the Pepper Trail

Apr 29, 2011
Title: Chasing Chiles: Hot Spots Along the Pepper Trail Author: Kurt Michael Friese, Kraig Kraft, Gary Nabhan Publisher: Chelsea Green Publis...
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Hot Topic: A lesson in climate change and chili peppers

Apr 29, 2011
There are more than 10,000 varieties of chili peppers, and they are big business. But climate uncertainty is affecting the cultivation of some peppers.
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The Wizard of Lies

Apr 27, 2011
Title: The Wizard of Lies Author: Diana B. Henriques Publisher: Times Books Type: Non Fiction Released: April 26, 2011 Length: 448 pages Ne...
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Blue Collar, White Collar, No Collar: Stories of Work

Apr 22, 2011
Title: Blue Collar, White Collar, No Collar: Stories of Work Edited by: Richard Ford Publisher: Harper Perennial Type: Fiction Anthology Rele...
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