'On the Road' to a food truck

Nov 22, 2011
The Kogi Barbecue truck is often credited with kicking off the gourmet food truck craze in Los Angeles. Chef Roy Choi shares how Jack Kerouac's seminal work pushed him to start the truck.
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A bricks-and-mortar bookstore in an online world

Nov 20, 2011
These days getting a book to read just takes a few clicks on your e-reader or computer. But author Ann Patchett argues that real, physical bookstores are still necessary today.
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The future in digital warfare

Nov 4, 2011
Author Mark Bowden discusses the botnets that are controlling millions of computers around the world, and how cyber warfare is now a part of the modern world.
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Getting caught up in the passion of Steve Jobs

Oct 25, 2011
Walter Isaacson talks about his new biography on Steve Jobs, and his experiences with the Apple founder.
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Fighting malaria through business ideals

Oct 12, 2011
Armed with business savvy and some insecticide-treated bed nets, philanthropist Ray Chambers is helping bring the death rate from malaria down to zero. Time Magazine's Africa correspondent Alex Perry wrote about his mission in a new book.
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The decisions made when hitting the bottom

Oct 3, 2011
Author Tony D'Souza discusses his new novel, "Mule," which follows a couple as they struggle with finances and morals under the weight of the recession.
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Beyond the book

Sep 23, 2011
Book publisher HarperCollins announced yesterday that it will make around 5000 of its books available for on-demand printing. The Espresso Book...
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Looking back to the beginning of economics

Sep 15, 2011
A new book takes a look at the relatively recent rise of economics and economists, and how those first ideas are still affecting today's world.
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Authors sue U.S. universities

Sep 13, 2011
Authors from the UK, Australia, and Canada have filed a suit against the University of Michigan, California, and Wisconsin, as well as Cornell and...
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Netflix for boox?

Sep 12, 2011
That's what the buzz is this morning, thanks to the Wall Street Journal's story that Amazon is thinking about starting an e-book rental service....
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