Manly investing

May 4, 2012
From joining the Marines to fighting a UFC champion, author Joel Stein took on the crucibles of masculinity and came away with some interesting personal finance insights.
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Pulitzer sur-Prize: No fiction winner

Apr 17, 2012
The Pulitzer board opted not to award a prize for fiction this year. Normally, the winning author gets a sales bump. So what happens in the book market now?
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On-demand printing helps sustain the printed page

Apr 13, 2012
Technology allows old books to stay "in print" indefinitely.
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House lust

Apr 6, 2012
Tess interviews "Norumbega Park" author Anthony Giardina about the place that the house occupies in the American dream.
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Back to the savings future?

Mar 20, 2012
Saving on an installment plan.
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Is automated publishing the future?

Mar 20, 2012
Real books and bookstores are becoming a thing of the past. Does new technology mean authors are next to go?
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Remembering the Encyclopedia Britannica

Mar 14, 2012
The paper version of the encyclopedia was killed off by its publisher yesterday, in order to focus on its digital editions.
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Facebook: The Book

Feb 21, 2012
But printed on Facebook: The Site
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Apple to introduce “Garage Band for books” on Thursday?

Jan 17, 2012
We can all be indie publishers
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Investment book

Jan 9, 2012
On our local NPR station, WFYI, a guest Saturday morning on Marketplace Money recommended an investment advice book to a young caller. We can't recall the title of the book. Know which one we mean? Thanks in advance, Tom, Indianapolis, IN
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