How Vans got off on the right foot

Jun 15, 2009
Vans has long been the footwear of choice for skateboarders, but it didn't start that way. Kai Ryssdal visits the company's Southern California headquarters and talks with author Doug Palladini about how the shoes caught on.
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Carmakers can learn from racing rivalry

Jun 12, 2009
Playboy Magazine editor and author A.J. Baime talks with Kai Ryssdal about the great racing rivalry between Ford and Ferrari in the 60s and lessons the U.S. auto industry can learn from racing's golden age.
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Success is more likely if you're tall

Jun 10, 2009
Success or failure in life can be attributed to different factors: drive, intelligence and . . . height? Author Arianne Cohen talks with Kai Ryssdal about why tall people are more likely to succeed professionally and financially than others of shorter stature.
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Ways teens can land a summer job

May 25, 2009
Teens looking for jobs this summer will have to compete with people twice their age to find work. Bob Moon talks with Carol Christen, co-author of "What Color is Your Parachute for Teens," about ways to stand out in a downturn.
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More to piracy than 'maritime mugging'

May 21, 2009
Professor Peter Leeson talks with Kai Ryssdal about high-seas piracy, and what we can learn about Somali pirates from their 18th century forebearers.
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Behavioral economics is catching on

May 19, 2009
A year ago, Dan Ariely's book "Predictably Irrational" was released. Since then a lot has changed, and his book has been expanded. He talks with Kai Ryssdal about why behavioral economists are getting more respect these days.
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What went on when Bear Stearns fell

May 18, 2009
It took 72 hours for Bear Stearns to crumble. Reporter Kate Kelly wrote about the final days of the investment bank's collapse in her book "Street Fighters" and talks with host Kai Ryssdal about what happened.
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What sets burger chain In-N-Out apart

May 5, 2009
Stacy Perman, author of a new book on the Western U.S. fast-food chain In-N-Out, talks with Kai Ryssdal about what makes the burger joint different from its competition.
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What's changed since Truman's trip?

Apr 29, 2009
In 1953, Harry Truman packed his Chrysler New Yorker and hit the road. Kai Ryssdal speaks with Matthew Algeo, author of "Harry Truman's Excellent Adventure" about what has changed since the former president's road trip.
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Focus your attention for a better life

Apr 23, 2009
Author Winifred Gallagher talks to Kai Ryssdal about how focusing your attention can improve your quality of life.
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