Amazon is busting out all over - app store, tablet, web thingie

Sep 28, 2010
Word has it that Amazon is about to launch an app store for Android devices. While it seems a little nuts at first that they're getting into a...
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Which is better for the environment, an e-reader or paper books?

Sep 7, 2010
Easy Answer: It depends on how much you read and where you get your paper books....
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The secret life of Howard Hughes

Sep 3, 2010
Author Douglas Wellman talks with Bill Radke about his new book, "Boxes: The Secret Life of Howard Hughes," which claims billionaire Howard Hughes lost his money and still lived happily for a lot longer than you think.
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No more paper OED

Aug 31, 2010
The days of the150-lb, 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary are numbered. This week, Oxford University Press announced it's just too expensive to...
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The economics & politics of heat waves

Aug 17, 2010
Author Edward P. Kohn talks with Bill Radke about his new book "Hot Time in the Old Town," how a heat wave helped Teddy Roosevelt become president, and whether we've gotten any better at protecting the poor from the heat.
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Free iPad app for college textbooks

Aug 13, 2010
it claims to carry 90% of "core textbooks". So instead of sinking hundreds of dollars on textbooks that you have to lug around, you just zap them...
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A 50-year feast in 50 words: Happy Birthday, Green Eggs & Ham

Aug 12, 2010
When Dr. Seuss took on a bet from his editor to conjure up a book using only 50 words, he probably couldn't have imagined he'd match the success of...
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Amazon, Apple under investigation for e-book pricing

Aug 3, 2010
Connecticut's Attorney General announced an investigation into Amazon and Apple's potential anti-competitive pricing of e-books.
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How the working poor became big biz

Jun 15, 2010
Journalist Gary Rivlin talks with Kai Ryssdal about his new book "Broke USA," and the business of making money off the poor.
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An oath for MBAs to be better leaders

Jun 8, 2010
Before they get to Wall Street, some new business school graduates are signing onto a new professional code of conduct. Peter Escher, author of "The MBA Oath," talks with Kai Ryssdal about his push for more accountability among MBAs.
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