Playing video games can change the world

Jan 20, 2011
Author Jane McGonigal from the Institute For The Future talks with Kai Ryssdal about her new book, "Reality Is Broken," and the specific skills gamers develop that they can use to help solve real-world problems.
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How the military-industrial complex lives on today

Jan 17, 2011
Fifty years ago, Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his final speech as president warning of the military's growing influence. editor James Ledbetter wrote a book about what Eisenhower's meant in his speech and talks with Bob Moon about the military-industrial complex.
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The rise and fall of Borders

Jan 12, 2011
Borders' history is the story of two little independent bookstore chains that grew-up fast -Waldenbooks and Borders - and eventually merged into a...
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How BP got 'In Too Deep'

Jan 11, 2011
Kai Ryssdal talks with Bloomberg reporter Alison Fitzgerald about her new book co-written with Stanley Reed, "In Too Deep," which covers BP's troubled history.
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The price behind the choices we make

Jan 10, 2011
Kai Ryssdal talks to author Eduardo Porter about why we spend the way we do, the subject of Porter's new book "The Price of Everything."
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The best business books of 2010

Dec 16, 2010
At the end of the year, Marketplace takes a look at the best business books of 2010. We asked six of our regular contributors to share their picks for favorite business books of the year. And Kai offers his own suggestions for 2010's best reads.
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Think you know what you're doing? Don't count on it

Dec 3, 2010
Tess Vigeland talks to John Bogle, founder of Vanguard and author of "Don't Count on It!", on how to invest in uncertain times.
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Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People

Nov 29, 2010
Title: Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People Author: Amy Sedaris Publisher: Grand Central Publishing Type: Non Fiction Released: November 2, ...
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Macrowikinomics: How collaboration is changing the world

Nov 27, 2010
When a lot of people get together behind one idea, they can make a change. And when a lot of people are getting behind a lot of different ideas, that can change the world. The new book "Macrowikinomics" explores how collaboration is changing society. Steve Chiotakis talks with the co-author, Don Tapscott.
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Books: President George W. Bush's memoir now for sale

Nov 9, 2010
It's decision time. To buy or not to buy former President George W. Bush's memoir? The 43rd President's autobiography, titled "Decision Points,"...
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