People staring at computers, person maybe getting arrested

Jul 11, 2011
New York artist Kyle McDonald had this art project going where he installed software on computers in an Apple store that took photos of people...
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Google begins to absorb other products into Google+

Jul 6, 2011
So this is kind of interesting. Google has, for a long time, had all these non-search products kicking around and enjoying varying levels of...
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Huffington Post blogger files suit for $105 million

Apr 13, 2011
Blogger Jonathan Tasini is going after both Huffington Post and its new parent company Aol and seeking class action status. After the sale of...
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The Atlantic survived by trying to destroy itself

Dec 13, 2010
Really interesting read in the New York Times about how The Atlantic managed to reinvent itself and turn a profit of 1.8 million dollars, the first...
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Microsoft drops Live Spaces, radically alters culture

Sep 28, 2010
The headline story is that MSFT discontinued its blogging platform Live Spaces. And really, that's no big deal. Started as a competitor to Blogger...
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HuffPo buys comment moderation company. More interesting than you think.

Jun 17, 2010
It's another business story that reveals something human the more you look at it. Huffington Post, which a lot of people think may be about to be...
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A license to blog?

Mar 11, 2009
No matter how bad the economy gets, at least we have the freedom to complain about it. Some Italian lawmakers want to force bloggers to register...
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Where do we go from here?

Feb 27, 2009
Our afternoon session at the economic bloggers forum has been especially lively. That's because we're talking about how the hell we can get out of...
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Feb 27, 2009
Our economic blogging conference has broken into smaller groups for lunch, and the session I'm attending is called "The Fate of Finance." The...
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Is Journalism Dead?

Feb 27, 2009
That's the title of the seminar I'm in right now at the Kauffman Foundation. It began with a speech from former Boston Globe writer David Warsh,...
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