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Is Bitcoin a bad investment?

Feb 15, 2014
Taking a look at what has, so far, been a bad year for Bitcoin.
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How cash is like Bitcoin. And how Bitcoin is like Kim Kardashian.

Jan 29, 2014
What we can learn about cash, by learning about Bitcoin
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Amid a turbulent week, a peek inside the world's busiest Bitcoin exchange

Dec 20, 2013
The global price of the digital currency Bitcoin went on a roller coaster ride this week when the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange was forced by China’s government to stop accepting deposits. Up to now, the exchange, BTC China, was the trading epicenter for the Bitcoin economy.
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After China says no to Bitcoin, should we stop thinking of it as a currency?

Dec 19, 2013
One advocate says we should stop thinking of Bitcoin as a currency and start thinking of it as a money transfer system.
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Can Bitcoin make change?

Dec 18, 2013
The latest from Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson.
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The doctor that will treat you for a bit of Bitcoin

Dec 18, 2013
A San Francisco doctor takes Bitcoin as payment for medical services.
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Coinbase wants to bring Bitcoins from the nerds to you

Dec 17, 2013
A Silicon Valley startup is the PayPal of Bitcoin.
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What the heck is a Bitcoin?

Dec 16, 2013
All this week, Marketplace Tech is looking at Bitcoin.
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Price tag on a new Lamborghini? 108 bitcoins.

Dec 6, 2013
You got $95,000 in Bitcoin?
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China bans banks from using Bitcoin

Dec 5, 2013
China's central bank officially barred Chinese banks from offering services connected to the virtual, digital currency Bitcoin. The government also issued a new set of regulations for Bitcoin exchanges in China.
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