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Storage scores: 90% of world's data produced in last two years

Jun 3, 2013
According to the Chamber of Commerce, 90 percent of the world's data has been produced in the last two years. And that means, of course, that companies need a place to store it.
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Obama's digital director takes his talents to business world

May 3, 2013
Big data helped the President Obama's campaign team identify potential voters and get them to the polls. Now Teddy Goff, who was digital director of Obama's 2012 campaign, is taking his ideas to the business world.
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Data is the economy's new oil

May 1, 2013
Consumer data is becoming a commodity like oil and, like oil, it needs refineries so that companies can profit from it. Meet the data analytics industry.
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Consumer watchdog bares it all; Banks complain

Mar 29, 2013
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has dumped over 100,000 complaints, in 11 computer languages, for “civic hacking.” Banks complain that it’s not filtered for accurate complaints.
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Companies look to make 'big data' into safe data

Mar 4, 2013
At the RSA computer security conference in San Francisco last week, a key theme was not what companies can and should do with customer data, but what crooks might do with it if they hacked in.
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Apps transform cellphone users into citizen scientists

Jan 7, 2013
Scientists are looking to take advantage of the vast population of cellphone users to collect data.
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How Obama’s campaign used big data to win, and how coke got hacked

Nov 9, 2012
To help tap financial donors and to get out the vote, we knew the Obama campaign was crunching big data. But, until now, it wasn't very clear how big.
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Splunk makes a splash

Apr 20, 2012
The data-analysis company has the strongest initial public stock offering of the year. It's all about Big Data.
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