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Best Buy profit falls 90% in second quarter

Aug 21, 2012
Shares of Best Buy are down more than 9 percent this morning. The electronics retailer just reported second quarter profits dropped more than 90 percent.
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Best Buy brings in a new CEO

Aug 20, 2012
Struggling electronics retailer Best Buy has named a new chief executive: Frenchman Hubert Joly will likely take the helm in early September.
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Best Buy's founder wants to return as savior

Aug 6, 2012
After resigning as chairman, Best Buy founder Richard Schulze wants to buy the retailer for $8 billion. What will it take to save Best Buy?
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Best Buy founder pushing to take company private

Aug 6, 2012
Richard Schulze already owns about 20 percent of the company, but he wants to buy back the other 80 percent at a cost of almost $9 billion.
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After rough year, Best Buy could go private

Jun 27, 2012
Best Buy, the big electronic warehouse store, may be going private. The store's founder and largest shareholder, Richard Schulze, is reportedly talking to Wall Street banks about a major restructuring of the company.
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Best Buy’s CEO steps down abruptly

Apr 10, 2012
Best Buy has been losing business to online retailers. CEP Brian Dunn unveiled a turnaround plan, but a few weeks later, he resigned.
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Best Buy puts the lid on big boxes

Mar 29, 2012
As more shoppers move online, the chain has been caught with too many stores and not enough customers. So, Best Buy will close a slew of its big box stores and open many smaller ones.
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Best Buy can't fill Christmas orders

Dec 22, 2011
The largest electronics chain says it won't be able to fill many orders before Christmas.
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HP TouchPad returns to Best Buy

Nov 2, 2011
I think I'll start calling the TouchPad "Rasputin" for its eerie refusal to die. Best Buy is now offering the 32GB Rasputin for $149 when you also...
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Playbook: the next HP Touchpad!

Sep 27, 2011
As in, a tablet that some people really like but you can now get it for a heck of a lot cheaper than when it launched a few months ago. Best Buy,...
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