The employees behind the foreclosure crisis

Nov 12, 2010
The faulty paperwork scandal put another huge obstacle in the foreclosure crisis. But who were these so-called unqualified employees who were hired by banks? Bob Moon talks to Marian Wang from ProPublica about what she found after sifting through the job listings.
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Republicans will allow more proprietary trading

Nov 10, 2010
The Dodd-Frank law put a limit on banks' ability to use their customers' money to buy and sell risky investments. Democrats passed it because they said when those trades went south, taxpayers had to bailout the banks. House Republicans, now taking aim at the law, disagree.
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Welcome to New York Week: Bill Dudley, President of the New York Fed

Nov 8, 2010
Jeremy Hobson kicks off our bi-coastal broadcast with a Welcome to New York Week. His first interview is Bill Dudley, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
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Fed's quantitative easing doesn't help savers

Nov 6, 2010
The Fed is about to roll out another round of a process called quantitative easing. It's aimed to get interest rates down and make borrowing cheaper, as well as push Americans to spend more. But that's not a good thing for people who are trying to save. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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The Fed allows some banks to boost dividends

Nov 5, 2010
Stocks jumped especially high following the news that the Federal Reserve might let some banks boost their dividend payments to some investors. Scott Tong explains.
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BankUnited's IPO likely to attract investors

Nov 1, 2010
BankUnited had to be saved by the FDIC a few years ago, only to later be bought out by private investors. As of last week, the company announced it is set to go public again, and the numbers are looking good for those looking to invest. Janet Babin reports.
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Banks want to unload foreclosures as fast as possible

Nov 1, 2010
Banks want to shed its load of foreclosed properties -- now. Marketplace's Jennifer Collins asks why the rush?
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Commerce announces income and spending are down

Nov 1, 2010
Incomes are down for the first time in more than a year, and spending has also fallen. What does this mean for the recession, and for the election. Julia Coronado has more.
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BankUnited to go public

Oct 29, 2010
We could soon see the second coming of a poster child for the mortgage mess. Miami-based BankUnited went belly up after filling up on risky adjustable rate mortgages. Then the government swooped in and sold BankUnited to a group of private equity firms. Now those investors have announced they're ready to take the bank public. Janet Babin reports.
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Banking without the Internet

Oct 28, 2010
Some banks are starting to charge fees if you want a paper statement mailed to you. The alternative? Download and print your own -- that is unless you don't have Internet access. Economy 4.0's David Brancaccio takes a look at the conundrum some people are in.
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