Bank dividends could be back, according to analysts

Jan 14, 2011
For a couple of years, big banks stopped paying out dividends to their investors. But with big profits returning to the banking sector, analysts say those dividends could be back.
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Curbing the pay of London's 'City Boys'

Jan 12, 2011
In an effort to try and curb hefty bonuses, and perhaps risky behavior, in the financial sector, a group of labor unionists, journalists and academics from the U.K. have launched a high pay commission. Stephen Beard reports on their efforts.
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Goldman Sachs expected to announce accounting changes

Jan 11, 2011
The investment bank Goldman Sachs will announce 39 accounting changes to disclose how it deals with clients and how it makes money through its own investments. John Dimsdale explains.
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New bank fees are aimed at lower income customers

Jan 10, 2011
Now that there are new rules for credit cards and overdraft fees, banks are trying to find money in other places. And as Stacey Vanek Smith reports, this means going after lower income customers, which in turn could move these customers out of the banking system altogether.
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Massachusetts court makes foreclosure decision

Jan 7, 2011
This final note today, an update on the mortgage paperwork mess that was much in the news before Thanksgiving, the stories about robosigners...
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Bank of America tests new fee system

Jan 6, 2011
Thanks to new rules restricting banks from charging exorbitant fees on credit cards, it seems that they're making it up in other ways. Bank of America announced a new fee system based on how much money customers keep in the bank, and how much they're not costing the bank. Stacey Vanek-Smith explains.
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Pope to set up watchdog to avoid further Vatican Bank scandals

Dec 30, 2010
In light of a criminal investigation into the Vatican Bank for accusations of money laundering and tax evasion, the Pope announced today that he is setting up a new watchdog to try and prevent further wrongdoings. Will the secretive Vatican Bank clean up its act? Stephen Beard reports.
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Bank execs may have to reveal their bonuses

Dec 28, 2010
International regulators are pushing for a plan that will force banks to disclose how much they're paying in bonuses, and to whom.
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New plan for transparency in banker bonuses

Dec 28, 2010
There's a new plan in the news that would force banks to reveal how big banker bonuses are, and why. Stephen Beard reports.
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MIDDAY UPDATE: Ernst and Young, Kinect

Dec 20, 2010
New York prosecutors may charge accounting firm Ernst and Young for its role in the collapse of Lehman Brothers. New York prosecutors are...
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