Months after the unrest in Baltimore, the city's Economic Development Commission reports back on business recovering from the riots.

Baltimore businesses reopen with help from the city

Nov 25, 2015
A large number of business damaged in the Baltimore riots have reopened.
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Debra Furr-Holden, an epidemiologist with the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, says there are too many liquor stores in Baltimore’s poor neighborhoods.

After riots, Baltimore liquor stores struggle to reopen

Jul 27, 2015
The city is withholding emergency loans unless some stores change or relocate.
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A child runs past a mural in West Baltimore.

Under the radar: Baltimore's 'informal' economy

Jun 29, 2015
Being a small business owner here comes with a host of challenges.
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Ex-convicts struggle to find work in Baltimore

Jun 25, 2015
In Baltimore, and elsewhere, having a criminal record can be a barrier to work.
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Baltimore lab program produces a positive reaction

Jun 23, 2015
BioTechnical Institute says it trains grads for entry-level jobs with a future.
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Living at risk in Baltimore

Jun 5, 2015
Conversations about communities sometimes happen only in crisis.
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Baltimore's $100 million investment legacy

May 22, 2015
The city's efforts to alleviate poverty date back decades, with lasting effects.
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The outside of the shuttered FMC Corp. plant in Baltimore. The plant used to produce insecticides and other agricultural chemicals, but in 2008, the company moved its operations overseas to save costs. About 130 employees were laid off.

How many jobs does $100 million get you?

May 20, 2015
Baltimore's "Empowerment Zones" offer a history of qualified success.
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In Baltimore, CVS plans to reopen its damaged stores

May 5, 2015
In all, five stores were looted and burned during riots in April 2015.
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Baltimore, now and then

Apr 30, 2015
What's changed — and what's stayed the same — since the 1968 riots in Baltimore.
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