Shiny outlook for U.S. car sales in 2012

Jan 4, 2012
As automakers report December sales, several industry analysts predict sales growth of one million new cars this year, to nearly 14 million.
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U.S. auto industry almost back to healthy in 2011

Jan 2, 2012
Detroit sold nearly 13 million cars and trucks last year.
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Buy here, pay here? - Beware!

Dec 23, 2011
If you've ever passed a used car sale and seen phrases such as "No Credit, No Problem," chances are it's offering on-the-spot financing. And it could well be a scam.
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Cheaper gas prices lead to demise of Ford Ranger

Dec 12, 2011
Ford is getting rid of its Ranger small pickup trucks. The company says it's investing in demand, and that's for full-size vehicles. Cheaper gas prices could be to blame.
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Car sharing takes off in Germany

Dec 2, 2011
German automakers are finding the car isn't the status symbol it used to be, so they're starting car share programs aimed at enticing young drivers.
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GM fights off Saab buyout by Chinese companies

Nov 8, 2011
Two Chinese companies have had their eye on the ailing auto maker Saab. But GM, which still holds a significant stake in the company, refuses to hand over its technology that lives under the Saab hood.
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Toyota earnings still stifled

Nov 8, 2011
Everything from natural disasters to the currency exchange rate may force Japan's largest auto maker to reduce its earnings forecast for the full year through next March.
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Mid-day Extra: Greece's uneven Porsche proportion

Nov 7, 2011
In an era of large government debt and economic crisis, a recent study shows that there are more Porsche Cayennes in Greece than there are people filing taxes on incomes over 50,000 euro.
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Volkswagen on course for profitable year

Oct 27, 2011
But could the German automaker be in danger of over-expanding?
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Michigan to make nice?

Oct 14, 2011
The U.S. auto industry has always been leery of foreign competition, but the new free trade deals with countries like South Korea and Japan may change that.
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