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GM, UAW may put faith in trust fund

Sep 19, 2007
General Motors and the United Auto Workers today got back to hammering out a new contract that could be a model for deals with Ford and Chrysler. Jeff Tyler reports the two sides are getting creative to solve the critical problem of healthcare costs.
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UAW puts contract talks on GM

Sep 14, 2007
The contract between the United Auto Workers and Detroit's Big Three carmakers is set to expire tonight at midnight. With Ford and Chrysler voting to extend their contracts, the union has singled out General Motors for special attention. Alisa Roth reports.
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UAW contract almost up

Sep 14, 2007
The contract between the United Auto Workers and the big three car makers expires tonight at midnight, and there's a chance the talks will go past deadline. Alisa Roth looks at one of the main issues at stake.
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Vermont quells car makers on CO2

Sep 13, 2007
A federal judge in Vermont rejected automakers' arguments that they couldn't meet new regulations for car emissions. Jeff Tyler has more.
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Time's almost up for UAW negotiations

Sep 11, 2007
United Auto Workers are still in talks with the Big Three about union contracts set to expire Friday. Alisa Roth looks into why it's taking so long.
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Volkswagen leaving Detroit in the rust

Sep 8, 2007
VW is moving its American headquarters to Virginia. The move by Europe's biggest carmaker is a further blow to Detroit, which has suffered big job losses in the auto industry which once fueled it. Stephen Beard reports.
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Big changes at the top for Chrysler

Sep 7, 2007
Cerberus, the private equity group that bought Chrysler, has hired some big-name talent to lead the automotive company. Kai Ryssdal talks with the New York Times' Micheline Maynard about the automaker's high-level changes.
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Edsel rolls into golden age at 50

Sep 4, 2007
Today is the 50th anniversary of the Edsel, but Ford isn't celebrating. It is one of the most spectacular failures in U.S. automotive history, but the splashy car is probably more popular now than ever. Dan Grech reports.
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Don't leave home without your spares

Aug 30, 2007
Car keys have gotten so high-tech on some models these days that locksmiths will tell you it's better to play it safe and take along not just one but two sets of spares when you go on vacation. Jon Baird has details.
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Katrina's wrecks now Bolivia's headache

Aug 27, 2007
Cars damaged by Hurricane Katrina have been making their way into Bolivia for sale. "Katrina cars" are sold cheaply and look almost new on the outside, but have serious mechanical problems. Ruxandra Guidi has more.
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