Senate takes on car roof safety

Jun 4, 2008
The federal standards for a car roof require it to support one and a half times the weight of the vehicle, and some want that number more than doubled. Jeremy Hobson reports whether this will improve safety.
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GM closes plants, shifts focus

Jun 3, 2008
General Motors plans to close four of its North American truck and SUV plants and direct more attention to small cars and hybrids. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports on the dramatic shift.
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GM closes SUV plants on weak sales

Jun 3, 2008
General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner announced the closing of four truck and SUV plants. Nancy Marshall Genzer explains how jobs will be affected and how the company plans to revive its electric car, the Chevy Volt.
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Higher prices for smaller cars?

Jun 2, 2008
It might seem strange, but a quick online search for cars will reveal that an SUV is less expensive these days than an economy car. Scott Jagow talks to USA Today travel columnist Bill McGee about the rising price of smaller cars.
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Tata further details takeover plans

May 29, 2008
Indian automaker Tata Motors announced its yearly results this week and further details on how it plans to takeover Jaguar and Land Rover. Mehul Srivastava reports the impact of Tata's news on shares.
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Non-hybrid Axon takes on Prius

May 23, 2008
The makers of Britain's Axon claim the car can get over 80 mpg, it has lower carbon emissions and a cheaper price tag than Toyota's Prius. And it's not a hybrid. Stephen Beard explores the secrets to the car's efficiency.
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Car costs up, car sales down

May 23, 2008
A new study says one million fewer cars will be sold this year. Higher commodity prices are also making it more expensive for automakers to make cars. Jill Barshay reports the result could be vehicles made with less materials.
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Ford's bright outlook turns dark

May 22, 2008
Just a month ago Ford executives were predicting a return to profitability by the end of this year. But the company now says it's going to have to cut production, and it isn't sure when it might return to black ink. Alisa Roth reports.
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A few moments of ZENN

May 20, 2008
Automotive writer Dan Neil and Kai Ryssdal go for a quiet spin around downtown L.A. in one of the newest electric automobiles, the ZENN (Zero Emissions No Noise).
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Dupont invests in cellulosic ethanol

May 14, 2008
The U.S. chemicals giant announced a $140 million joint venture with a Danish company to produce ethanol from non-food sources. It could be a valuable fuel source, but don't expect corn prices to drop just yet. Sam Eaton reports for the Sustainability Desk.
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