Big Three labor talks heat up under deadline pressure

Sep 14, 2011
Ongoing contract talks between the United Auto Workers and General Motors, Ford and Chrysler are rapidly approaching a deadline with no deals in sight.
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Auto sales report for August: U.S. up, Japan down

Sep 1, 2011
This final note today. It being the first of the month, here's your Detroit-versus-the-world update....
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Carmakers to report August sales

Sep 1, 2011
A volatile stock market and a hurricane are likely to have hurt car sales, but pent-up demand and aging cars have buyers in the showrooms.
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Automakers cut cylinders from engines to meet fuel standards

Aug 30, 2011
With new M.P.G. minimums, car companies have to find way to be fuel-efficient. Is it possible to have a high-performance car that sips gasoline?
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The differing fortunes of Saab and Volvo

Aug 9, 2011
Two years after GM sold Saab and Ford sold off Volvo, there has been a striking difference in how the Swedish brands have fared.
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Europeans say new U.S. auto standards are unfair

Jul 29, 2011
The Obama administration will unveil new fuel economy standards to cut auto emissions, but European carmakers say the new rules will favor Detroit.
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Ford announces plans to expand India's Detroit

Jul 28, 2011
India is one of the fastest-growing car markets in the world and its drivers want a specific type of car: small, economical, and -- made by Ford?
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Ford, Chrysler gain despite weak economy

Jul 26, 2011
The turnaround at the Detroit automakers continues. But pressure will mount this year from Japanese rivals eager to recoup market share.
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U.S. government and taxpayers out of the auto industry bailout

Jul 21, 2011
This final note on the way out. The biggest trade in the markets today -- definitely the most symbolic -- might have been 98,000 shares of Chrysler...
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Obama's fuel efficiency standards may be too high

Jul 19, 2011
Big carmakers are fighting against the Obama administration's latest proposal for fuel efficiency standards.
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