An “Anonymous” attack, a hacker spat

Dec 26, 2011
Hackers stole credit card info from a company in Texas to give $1 million to charity. But “Anonymous” hackers say they were framed.
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Gene Simmons DDOS tormentor gets arrested

Dec 15, 2011
“I didn’t do it!” pleads tearful Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air
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Anonymous doesn't go through with threat

Nov 7, 2011
Last week we told you about the standoff between members of Anonymous and the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas. The cartel had kidnapped an Anonymous...
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Anonymous's Operation Cartel is BACK ON

Nov 3, 2011
Members of the anonymous hacking group Anonymous have resumed their campaign against Los Zetas, one of the largest and most violent drug cartels....
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From the "This Can Only End Horribly" files

Oct 31, 2011
Anonymous thinks Mexican drug cartel kidnappers have a conscience. In retaliation for kidnapping an Anonymous member in Veracruz, Mexico, the...
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Busy masked hackers

Sep 26, 2011
Anonymous hacked into the Syrian Ministry of Defense website this morning. A group member says it's "part of a broader effort by the loosely...
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Anonymous is big business for Time Warner

Aug 29, 2011
Nick Bilton has a pretty hilarious piece in the NYT today about the hacking group/collective/trend/fad/whatever known as Anonymous. Anonymouseurs...
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Anonymous attacks BART

Aug 15, 2011
The hacking group got into the website for Bay Area Rapid Transit and stole and exposed personal information on 2400 of the site's 55,000 users....
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Threat by Anonymous to destroy Facebook on 11/5 is probably a hoax.

Aug 10, 2011
Hogwash, hooey, shenanigans. Yesterday, there were lots of reports of a YouTube video that claimed to be from the anonymous hacking group known as...
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Anonymous continues to have a busy summer

Aug 8, 2011
No dog days of lounging poolside with lemonade for the showboating collective of nameless hackers. They got hacks to hack! 70 sheriff sites have...
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