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Latest bankruptcy news: American Airlines, Kodak

Feb 1, 2012
The two struggling companies reveal more cuts.
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Delta and American Airlines could merge

Jan 13, 2012
A possible merger of Delta and American could bring higher ticket prices, a tough fight for competitors and more convenience for business travelers.
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Flight attendants want Baldwin apology

Dec 13, 2011
The Association of Professional Flight Attendants says it wants Alec Baldwin's show, "30 Rock," banned from in-flight entertainment unless he issues an apology.
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American Airlines could hand off pensions

Dec 12, 2011
It looks like the bankrupt airline could hand over employee pensions to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. The PBGC's Josh Gotbaum talks about what would happen.
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PODCAST: Cameron in the doghouse, a dent in the debt

Dec 12, 2011
Questions are being raised as to the economic future of England and the rest of Europe following Friday's summit. Demand for larger pickups is up, and Ford is discontinuing its Ranger line of smaller trucks. More and more young people are taking on full-time jobs as yoga instructors.
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This week: American Airlines restructuring, job numbers

Dec 2, 2011
We talk with Washington reporter Nancy Marshall-Genzer about the top stories from this week.
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Juli Niemann: American Airlines bankruptcy could hurt small cities

Nov 29, 2011
American Airlines' bankruptcy is seen as a strategic move to shed debt and come out more competitive, yet analyst Juli Niemann worries that it will harm smaller cities and towns.
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American Airlines flies into bankruptcy

Nov 29, 2011
United, US Airways, Delta and Northwest have been there. American’s bankruptcy means fliers will ultimately face fewer choices and higher fares.
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American Airlines after Chapter 11

Nov 29, 2011
Airline travel analyst George Hobica discusses American Airlines' legacy and future in light of its bankruptcy filings.
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American Airlines files for bankruptcy

Nov 29, 2011
The struggling airline has declared bankruptcy after a poor third quarter, but it says it will keep its scheduled flights running.
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