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Drink up at the Luv Shaq, baby

Dec 20, 2012
Basketball great Shaquille O'Neal puts his big name on a new brand of vodka.
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British government wants booze price hike

Nov 28, 2012
Faced with the costs of alcoholism and alcohol-related crime, Britain's government wants to introduce a mandatory minimum price for alcohol. Cheap drink is believed to cost the country billions of dollars each year.
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African-American youth seeing more alcohol ads

Sep 27, 2012
A new study finds African-Americans aged 12-20 are exposed to more alcohol advertising than American young people in general
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Americans worried more about obesity than alcohol

Jul 19, 2012
A new study in the journal Lancet says lack of exercise now causes as many deaths as smoking. And according to the latest figures, obesity costs Americans about $200 billion a year in medical expenses. So perhaps it makes sense that for the first time, Americans polled by Gallup see obesity as a bigger problem than smoking or alcohol consumption.
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Hard cider makes a comeback

Jul 4, 2012
Even beermakers like Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors are ramping up hard cider production.
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British government plans for minimum price on alcohol

Mar 23, 2012
The British government has announced today that it wants to set a minimum price on beer, wine, and spirits. It hopes the move will help prevent alcohol-related crimes and deaths in the country.
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Guinness, Johnnie Walker owner sees rising profits

Feb 10, 2012
Diageo, the alcoholic drinks giant that owns brands like Guinness and Johnnie Walker, says that its profits rose 15 percent last year despite flat sales in beleaguered Europe.
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Four Loko drops caffeine from its beverages amid an expected FDA ban

Nov 17, 2010
What do you have when mix you four beers with two cups of coffee? Some call it Four Loko - the canned beverage sold by Chicago-based Phusion Pro...
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Experts try making George Washington's peach brandy

Oct 6, 2010
The next time you step into the liquor store, you could be stepping back in time. Marketers are trying to recreate peach brandy made by George...
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