In the aftermath of the severe tornado that struck Tuscaloosa, Alabama, residents survey the damage. In the aftermath of the severe tornado that struck Tuscaloosa, Alabama back in April 27, 2011, residents survey the damage the day after.

After a tornado, tough decisions for businesses

Nov 13, 2015
For some, the road to to business recovery is worth it. For others, it's too hard.
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My Economy: What full employment actually looks like

Nov 5, 2015
Manufacturing in Alabama and hopes for the future.
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Kai tackles the catfish economy in Greesnboro, Alabama.

My Economy: Hard work, risk and opportunity in Alabama

Nov 4, 2015
What's really behind an unemployment statistic? We got to Alabama to find out.
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Some schools are still testing students for drug use

Jul 16, 2015
The tests are legal, but their effectiveness is questionable.
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The site of the Tennessee Valley Authority coal ash disaster at the Kingston Fossil Plant in December 2008.

Mixed feelings for landfill run deep in Alabama

May 27, 2015
Residents protest the dump that generates millions in revenue for poor rural area.
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Rural Americans have fewer - and costlier - healthcare options

Jan 23, 2014
Under the ACA, folks in rural towns seem to have the fewest healthcare choices. And they cost more to boot.
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NCAA to debate paying college athletes a stipend

Jan 15, 2014
As the NCAA gathers for its annual meeting, is it considering a first step toward paying players?
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Alabama rolls out a (tattered?) red carpet for companies

Oct 18, 2013
Alabama has a new campaign to lure companies and tourists to the state. But first it's asking everyone to forget what they think they know about Alabama.
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A bankruptcy deal means rising sewer rates for Jeffesrson County residents

Jun 7, 2013
Jefferson County, Ala., has reached a deal to get out of bankruptcy. But what does that mean for the county and its citizens?
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Jefferson County, Ala. starts to get out of the sewer

Jun 4, 2013
Somehow, Jamie Dimon and company are winning in the story of a mess of sewer bonds.
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