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American Airlines makes largest airplane order in history

Jul 20, 2011
In an effort to reduce high fuel costs, American Airlines has ordered 460 new planes from Boeing and Airbus. The deal will phase out the carrier's current gas-guzzling fleet.
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Airlines try to market fees as perks

Jul 18, 2011
Now that passengers are used to bringing carry-on luggage and packing their own lunches, airlines are finding new ways to get them to spend.
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Lufthansa to be first to use biofuel for daily flights

Jul 15, 2011
The airline will be testing using a bio-blend on one short route in Germany.
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Boeing Dreamliner stalled on the assembly line, again

Jul 13, 2011
The supply chain for Boeing's long-awaited 787 jet has been stopped again to allow workers to catch up with assembly.
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AirAsia places record plane order to meet growing demand

Jul 7, 2011
Southeast Asia's largest budget carrier, AirAsia, plans to buy 300 Airbus passenger jets -- a record-breaking order that would make the Malaysia-based airline one of the world's largest carriers.
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Airlines take on EU over carbon emissions

Jul 5, 2011
United and American airlines challenge a plan that would limit the amount of carbon planes can emit on flights to and from Europe
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Delta Air Lines wants to permanently eliminate 'lost' bags

Jul 4, 2011
A new feature tracks your luggage the same way FedEx or UPS tracks a package. But will it get airline passengers to check bags more often?
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American Airlines' new boarding procedure has fans, foes

Jun 27, 2011
No more back-to-front boarding; instead, "chaos at the gate," according to the union of flight attendants.
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Plane-maker Airbus cashes in at Paris Air Show

Jun 23, 2011
Plane-manufacturer Airbus has snagged some very large orders at the Paris Air Show. Its U.S. rival Boeing is not doing so well at the show.
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Growing markets make room for new manufacturers at Paris Air Show

Jun 21, 2011
Both Boeing and Airbus have announced that their long-held dominance of the airplane market is over, as new manufacturers see an increase in orders.
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