Airfares to remain high throughout this decade

Mar 8, 2012
The Federal Aviation Administration is reporting that there will be more air travelers chasing fewer flights, pushing prices up.
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Airline KLM launches program to match up passengers

Feb 24, 2012
The Dutch airline KLM has launched a new seating program. And no -- this isn't another story about paying for your aisle seat. KLM is going to let flyers choose who to sit next to based on their online profiles.
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Airlines pass higher fuel costs to passengers

Feb 20, 2012
Consumers are not only feeling the pinch of higher gas prices at the pump. They are also getting hit with higher plane tickets as airlines pass rising jet fuel costs to passengers.
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Mid-day Extra: In-flight wi-fi isn't so popular

Jan 4, 2012
Only a small percent of airline passengers log on to the internet in-flight despite a growing number of airlines and private services
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The fuel of the future

Nov 9, 2011
Alaska Airlines starts a trial run of biofuel-powered jets today.
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Qantas resumes flights after thousands stranded

Oct 31, 2011
Qantas flights are starting up again after the airline shutdown over the weekend in an effort to end a series of union strikes.
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Southwest fuel hedge misstep

Oct 20, 2011
Southwest looked smart a couple of years ago when it managed to lock in low fuel prices before gas prices surged. Now it, too, has been caught by a volatile fuel market.
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AMR could report disappointing earnings

Oct 19, 2011
The parent company of American Airlines picked a risky strategy for growth. We'll see if it pans out.
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AMR stock plunges on bankruptcy rumors

Oct 3, 2011
American Airlines parent group loses over 40 percent before closing down almost a third.
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Emirates airlines expands its U.S. travel routes

Sep 29, 2011
A successful international airline company is expanding in the U.S., despite a lagging economy.
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