Air travel's a steal

Apr 24, 2009
Airlines are cutting their fares for both domestic and foreign travel. Travel columnist Tom Parsons gives his advice on how to save even more money on airfare.
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Regional airports flying into trouble

Apr 22, 2009
When airlines hit turbulence, it's the smaller landing pads that start to suffer. Airlines have canceled nonstop flights to hub cities and vacation destinations or pulled out altogether. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Labor negotiations tough for United

Apr 14, 2009
United Airlines is in the midst of negotiations with many of its labor unions, and both sides are in a difficult position. Jeremy Hobson reports why workers may no longer wish to sacrifice for the good of the company.
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Fewer passengers, fewer problems

Apr 6, 2009
Airlines saw fewer people on board last year, which meant a decrease in lost luggage and late flights. Caitlan Carroll reports which airlines would have been most likely to lose your bags or get you the most places last year.
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Airbus coming out ahead of Boeing

Mar 10, 2009
Planemaker Airbus cut costs, solved technical issues and delivered a record 483 aircraft, ultimately beating out Boeing last year. But both companies could have trouble up ahead. Stephen Beard reports.
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Airplane Reading

Feb 26, 2009
I read some interesting stuff on my flight to Kansas City, which I'll get to in a moment. But first, my flight. I don't fly Southwest often, but...
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Loss leads British Airways to freeze pay

Feb 6, 2009
British Airways experienced a major loss the last three quarters of 2008. To cope, it is freezing staff pay. Erik Campano reports the airliner's actions could lead to more troubles for other European airlines.
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Airlines pay for locking in fuel prices

Jan 21, 2009
Just about every U.S. airline is reporting losses, and a big reason why is that they locked in expensive fuel prices when those prices were at record highs last summer. Janet Babin reports.
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New Heathrow runway plans hit skids

Jan 14, 2009
London's Heathrow Airport is operating at nearly maximum capacity. The British government is deciding whether it should get a third runway, but protesters who own land near the airport are standing in its way. Stephen Beard reports.
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Could biofuels take flight in the future?

Jan 7, 2009
Continental Airlines today becomes the first U.S. carrier to conduct test flight powered by biofuel. Can the greasy alternative become a rival to jet fuel? Sam Eaton reports.
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