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Welcome to New York: JetBlue's David Barger

Nov 12, 2010
In our new series, Welcome To New York, Jeremy Hobson celebrates the bi-coastal broadcast of Marketplace Morning Report. Jeremy will talk to people who define and shape New York City's economy. Today's guest is JetBlue CEO David Barger.
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Rolls' competitors may get a big boost

Nov 10, 2010
Rolls-Royce faced another obstacle today when oil stains were found on one of its Airbus A-380 engines. With the company only sharing about half of the engine-making market, this could mean big news for its U.S. competitors. Bob Moon reports.
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More engine problems for Rolls Royce

Nov 10, 2010
Singapore Airlines announced its plan to replace the Rolls Royce engines on three of its A380s super jumbo jets. This is on the recommendation of Rolls Royce. Stephen Beard has more.
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Cargo price fixing could cost more than a billion dollars

Nov 9, 2010
Some of Europe's biggest airlines could be hit with fines today totaling more than a billion dollars, over price fixing for air cargo. Stephen Beard explains.
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More problems with the A-380's Rolls Royce engine

Nov 8, 2010
The Australian airline Qantas is grounding its fleet of six airbus superjumbos for another three days. The carrier has found problems on three more engines following last week's scary engine failure on an A-380. Stephen Beard has more.
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Pressure on Rolls-Royce after Airbus incident?

Nov 6, 2010
An engine explosion damaged an Airbus A-380 in mid-flight yesterday. Will the engine maker, Rolls-Royce, come under scrutiny? David Gura reports.
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Qantas grounds fleet of Airbus A380s

Nov 4, 2010
The Australian airline Qantas grounded its entire fleet of Airbus A380s after a flight made an emergency landing after an engine ripped off.
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Will unionizing change Delta's corporate culture?

Nov 3, 2010
Delta employees are in the middle of a vote on whether they'll join a union. It could lead to the first time in more than 80 years that people other than Delta executives would determine wages and benefits, and that could have a huge effect on the company's corporate culture. Jim Burress reports.
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Gov't looking closer into air cargo security

Nov 2, 2010
With the latest news about explosive packages from Yemen being found on aircraft bound for the U.S., there have been a lot of questions about cargo security. Millions of dollars have been spent on passenger screening, but when will cargo screening catch up? David Gura reports.
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Personal info now passed on from airline to gov't

Nov 1, 2010
According to a new rule going into effect today, personal information like your date of birth and gender must be given to airlines when booking a flight, so they can pass it on to the government. It was a part of the 9/11 Commission's plan, and a long time coming. David Gura reports.
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