Airline fees soar

May 31, 2011
They're up $22 billion in the last year. And climbing.
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Human interaction costs extra at airline Jetstar

May 26, 2011
The Australian budget airline announced a push to convert all aspects of air travel to "self-service." Passengers will be in charge of their own luggage, check-ins and boarding. And the privilege of speaking to an employee will cost you.
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Iceland restricts flights after volcanic eruption

May 23, 2011
Iceland's authorities closed the country's main airports following a volcanic eruption. Last year, a similar eruption grounded flights for days, and that took a big bite of the airline industry's bottom line.
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Emirates growth strains global pilot market

May 10, 2011
Emirates Airlines is profitable and growing. With $67 billion worth of planes on order, the Dubai carrier is shopping for lots of pilots.
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A look at air travel this summer

May 6, 2011
Summer travel season is nigh and exotic beaches are calling travelers. Learn what you can expect in terms of fares -- and where to find deals -- and if Congress' Passenger Bill of Rights really makes traveling easier.
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American Airlines to offer streaming to personal devices

May 4, 2011
You'll be able to watch movies and TV shows on your phone or iPad streamed to you from the plane. Presumably, hopefully, these will be better than...
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Southwest, AirTran tie the low-cost knot

May 2, 2011
Southwest and AirTran complete their billion-dollar merger. Will the marriage end the honeymoon for U.S. budget travelers?
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Boeing, Lockheed Martin lose Indian defense deal

Apr 29, 2011
Two American aircraft makers lost an $11 billion contract with the Indian air force for 126 fighter jets.
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St. Louis airport to be fully operational by midweek

Apr 25, 2011
St. Louis' Lambert Airport has partially resumed flights after a powerful tornado ripped off part of the roof and shattered hundreds of windows in the main terminal.
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High fuel costs hit airline earnings

Apr 21, 2011
Mary Schlangenstein, airline reporter for Bloomberg, explains this quarter's airline industry earnings.
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