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Boeing, Lockheed Martin lose Indian defense deal

Apr 29, 2011
Two American aircraft makers lost an $11 billion contract with the Indian air force for 126 fighter jets.
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St. Louis airport to be fully operational by midweek

Apr 25, 2011
St. Louis' Lambert Airport has partially resumed flights after a powerful tornado ripped off part of the roof and shattered hundreds of windows in the main terminal.
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High fuel costs hit airline earnings

Apr 21, 2011
Mary Schlangenstein, airline reporter for Bloomberg, explains this quarter's airline industry earnings.
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FAA proposes more sleep to keep controllers awake

Apr 18, 2011
Air traffic controllers will get an extra hour off between shifts to prevent on-the-job napping, according to new rules from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
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Want a job? As an air traffic controller?

Apr 15, 2011
The Federal Aviation Administration has launched a nationwide review of air traffic safety. And a top agency official resigned. Henry Krakowski's resignation follows a series of high-profile mishaps where controllers have reportedly fallen asleep while working overnight shifts.
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Airfares -- up and up as carriers hang together

Apr 5, 2011
Airfares have risen several times in the past year and may well go higher. Can customers do anything about it or do the airlines have the whip hand?
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Southwest inspects fleet after Friday's incident

Apr 4, 2011
Southwest pilots had to perform an emergency landing Friday due to a tear in the body of a plane. Now Southwest Airlines is conducting a review of its fleet of 737-300 jets.
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Southwest checks planes after safety scare

Apr 4, 2011
The airline is checking its planes after a hole appeared in one of its jets in flight. Some now question Southwest's fast-turnaround operations.
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Boeing, Airbus received unfair subsidies, says WTO

Mar 31, 2011
A ruling released today from the World Trade Organization says Boeing received illegal government subsidies. That's after a similar ruling against Airbus last year.
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Business travelers use fewer short-hop flights

Mar 29, 2011
The number of short-air routes has declined 25 percent in the last five years because of high fuel prices and less business travel.
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