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What's next for Russia's aviation industry after plane crash?

May 10, 2012
One of Russia's passenger planes crashed into a volcano in Indonesia. Reporter Peter van Dyk discusses the implications of the crash.
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Do airline mergers deliver on their promises?

Apr 26, 2012
It's rumored that US Airways may soon merge with the bankrupt parent company of American Airlines. Mergers usually bring promises of frequent flier guarantees and hub airport assurances, but do they actually happen?
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FAA to reconsider e-book policy

Mar 19, 2012
Currently e-books are banned from planes during taxi, take-off and landing. But as New York Times reporter Nick Bilton discovered, the FAA has recently decided to take a "fresh look" at its digital reader policy.
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The first step to merger: Buying domain names?

Mar 13, 2012
U.S. Airways is reportedly interested in a possible merger-type deal with American Airlines' parent company, AMR Corp. One way it is showing its affection? Buying up domain names.
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United, Continental to merge booking systems

Mar 2, 2012
United and Continental airlines are merging their computer reservation systems tonight. Will it create sky-high problems or be smooth sailing?
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Airbus finds cracks in new A380

Feb 8, 2012
The airplane manufacturer plans for costly fix to the mega-jumbo jet.
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FAA funding bill limits labor unions

Feb 7, 2012
Congress has passed a bill to fund technology upgrades for the Federal Aviation Administration. But some unions say they lose out under the legislation, which also limits union activity.
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The role of airports in building the economy

Jan 27, 2012
If the United States wants to continue to be the major player in the global economy, it needs an efficient, robust aviation system.
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Southwest CEO on earnings, rising ticket prices

Jan 19, 2012
Southwest CEO Gary Kelly discusses his airline's earnings and whether its business model has changed.
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Airbus outpaces rival Boeing on 2011 plane orders

Jan 17, 2012
Airbus checked off orders for over 1,400 new planes in 2011, while Boeing only tallied up order for around 800 new planes last year.
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