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Missouri flood control threatens farmland

May 3, 2011
The Army Corps of Engineers has created a large hole in a Missouri levee to regulate potential flooding of the Ohio River. Mississippi, Missouri county clerk Hubert Delay explains what this means for his county's economy.
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Army engineers blast Missouri levee to save town

May 3, 2011
In an effort to divert rising floodwaters, the Army Corps of Engineers created large holes in a levee along the Mississippi River. The move could flood up to 130,000 acres of viable farmland.
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Texas wheat farmers suffer through another drought

Apr 22, 2011
Many growing regions haven't had any real rain since September, and crop insurance premiums are rising.
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Cuts on farm subsidies could be major for European agriculture

Apr 12, 2011
European farmers rely greatly on government subsidies, but some EU countries are looking to get that help decreased.
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Rooster feathers prized by fishermen are now popular in hair salons

Apr 11, 2011
Competition between anglers and stylists threatens a shortage of rooster feathers. Producers look to boost supply.
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Russia looks to beef up its cattle industry

Mar 25, 2011
Russians eat less than half as much beef as Americans. But a Montana rancher is trying to rope in more business by setting up shop in Russia.
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Program to lure Dutch dairy farmers to U.S. turns sour

Mar 23, 2011
Iowa was among several Midwest states to entice dairy farmers to relocate from the Netherlands. But more than a quarter of those operations have failed.
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Which country produces the most tobacco?

Mar 9, 2011
Stephan Richter of The Globalist offers his latest question, this time about the world's largest producer of tobacco.
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Global climate change contributes to shrinking food supply

Mar 3, 2011
A United Nations food agency said today that global food prices reached record highs in February, and warned that rising oil prices could prompt...
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Italians urged to boycott mobbed-up tomatoes

Feb 9, 2011
Alessandro di Pietro, host of the Italian daytime show "'Occhino alla Spesa" (which translates as "keeping an eye on the shopping") urged his viewers to boycott Sicily's famous Pachino tomatoes. di Peitro claims the mafia is controlling distribution of the popular food.
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