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Trust fall

No one trusts anyone

Sep 5, 2014
I don't trust you.
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Why is the Windows Phone always an afterthought?

Sep 5, 2012
A new Nokia Windows Phone debuts and the silence is deafening.
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Report: People don't retweet candidates on the economy

Aug 15, 2012
But they do retweet them on anything else. Social media research indicates that voters might be in the mood for a broader discussion.
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AT&T's Mobile Share plan hammers customers for data overages

Jul 19, 2012
AT&T offers customers a simple and flexible world where they don’t get to use as much data as they might like.
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The Obama Dashboard and what it means

May 25, 2012
The President’s re-election campaign is using high tech tools for grass roots organizing
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Beware of Socialbots

Nov 2, 2011
You know when you're clicking around Facebook and pictures pop up of possible friends? People you might know? It's a useful feature, especially...
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Weakened net neutrality might be like reducing your income

Oct 3, 2011
That's what a new report from the Institute for Policy Integrity says. The report finds that people get over $5,000 in economic benefits from the...
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If your business uses Groupon, you might not like the Yelps you hear

Sep 12, 2011
I apologize for the nonsense words in that headline; such are the times in which we live. In a recent study, researchers from Boston University a...
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Absolutely awesome study says it's okay to surf the web for fun while at work

Aug 23, 2011
Something about the word "cyberloafing" doesn't sit well with me, but that's what researchers from the National University of Singapore decided to...
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