April Leigh

New Orleans, La.

I live in Central City, New Orleans. It was hit with flooding during Katrina and is speckled with empty lots and abandoned houses, but it mostly beautiful and interesting with...

Bob Hartley

Herndon, Va.

This is the view from the older daughter's bedroom window (last spring; by the time this is published, the cherry blossoms will be out.)

Donald Dyer

Falmouth, Ma.

The photo is representative of Cape Cod. Working class neighborhood of single family homes. The Massachusetts economy is recovering at a faster rate than the national average. Here on Cape Cod we have a tourism economy...

George Cahlik

Baltimore, Md.

This is a picture of a small statue in the heart of Mt. Vernon. It sits opposite of another statue symbolizing War. Before moving to Baltimore after graduating from graduate school, I almost felt as though I was at war with everything...

Emily Riser

Greenwood, Ms.

This photo shows my daughter skipping home from a recent afternoon piano lesson as a friendly neighborhood dog looks on. It is small-town life at its best: children still play and roam outside here...

Erin Kirkland

Anchorage, Ak.

Alaskans will manage, despite daily challenges, to embrace life and take conditions with a sense of adventure. Or humor. Or both.
Economically, Alaskans have been sheltered somewhat from the issues facing the Lower 48.

Mary Knight

Fairbanks, Ak.

This is why we live where we do: Being outside the city may be less convenient in some ways ... but the Aurora light up the night and trail access for cross country skiing, snow machining and dog sledding out your back door is hard to beat...

Richard Makepeace

West Chester, Oh.

I live in a beautiful wooded area and deer in my wooded back yard is not an uncommon sight. But out my front window, well that was worth a picture. West Chester, Ohio seems to be doing just fine on the surface...