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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has left the Obama campaign to help raise money for a pro-Obama super PAC. As the Democratic National Convention continues in Charlotte, just how much does trending on Twitter matter for lawmakers? One North Carolina farmer tell us the importance of immigration when it comes to casting his vote. Plus, we check in with a nuclear processing plant in New Mexico that was brought in to create jobs. We speak with one teacher who was laid off due to budget cuts. We look at the job situation for NFL refs on strike. We explore the possibility of adding another work day in Greece. And, a look at the @ symbol.

Conventions aside, super PACs reign supreme

Rahm Emanuel’s resignation from the Obama campaign to raise big-money funds shows the primacy of newly empowered super PACs
Posted In: super PAC, Rahm Emanuel, 2012 election

Laid-off teachers look for their Plan B

A trip to the airport paid off for former technology teacher Chris Bjuland.
Posted In: teachers, Teachers and Plan B, School, Education

The story of one very big little symbol: @

The surprising origin of the "@" sign and how it went from obscurity to communication rock star.
Posted In: digital history

NY's high court considers: Is lap dancing a tax-exempt art?

New York's highest court is hearing legal arguments by a strip club about whether nude lap dancing is art -- and therefore eligible for state tax exemption.
Posted In: dancing, New York, tax

The inspectors call... on Greece

Inspectors from the troika of the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund are checking up on Greece’s austerity measures.
Posted In: Greece, greek bailout

What's the value of 'trending'?

Some pay to have their their views considered as hot topics on Twitter, but what do they get for their money?
Posted In: Twitter, marketing

North Carolina farmer ties success to immigration

Cotton grower thinks immigration reform will help farm workers become upwardly mobile.
Posted In: North Carolina, faming, Immigration

NFL is back, but with replacement refs

The NFL season kicks off when the New York Giants host the Dallas Cowboys, but regular referees won't be there because of a contract dispute. We check out the financial lives of the men who wear black and white to make some green.
Posted In: football, labor, referees, Sports

For a town in need of jobs, going nuclear was easy call

Eunice, in a dusty corner of New Mexico, rode the ups and downs of the oil business for decades. Then a nuclear-processing plant came calling, and Eunice welcomed its jobs.
Posted In: nuclear energy, nuclear, nuclear power, New Mexico

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