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Under Armour, the sports clothing for people who look good with or without it, is aggressively moving to broaden its market. Just today it picked up model Gisele Bündchen as an endorsee. So what’s Under Armour’s corporate je ne sais quoi? We investigate. Plus, the security breach that exposed celebrities photos that had been stored in iCloud creates a major PR problem for Apple, whose image is on the hook regardless of the particulars of the breach. We look at how the company will handle it, and how a hack of the cloud – taking personal information like photos – is very different than a hack at a retailer – taking a person’s credit card number. Also, Fashion Week in New York starts tomorrow. Apparently fashion designers are having trouble standing out from the crowd with all the noise and fluff surrounding the week. We take a look at how a designer differentiates him or herself? 

Colorful snippets from the Fed's 'Beige Book'

Really! They're interesting! We promise!
Posted In: Federal Reserve, Beige Book
Under Armour

Under Armour makes its fashion move

Under Armour signs a supermodel as it broadens its market beyond athletes.
Posted In: under armour, Sports, Modeling

Celebrity photo hack puts a cloud over Apple

The recent theft of celebrities' personal photos creates PR and security issues for Apple.
Posted In: apple, data security, cloud computing

Who can you blame when you get hacked?

Most storage services will duck responsibility if you let go of your credentials.
Posted In: Tech, cloud computing, hacking, icloud
Chanel fashion show

At Fashion Week, it's hard to stand out from the crowd

Designers have to work harder to get noticed at this year's Fashion Week.
Posted In: Fashion Week, Modeling, New York City

Overdue reassessments hit homeowners hard

Some cities and towns hadn't reassessed property values in decades.
Posted In: property tax

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