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Starting next week, federally run exchanges under Obamacare will officially roll out in 36 states. We just got our first detailed look at the premiums that will be offered in the federally run health care exchanges. President Obama said in a speech yesterday that for many people, the rates were potentially "less than their cell phone bill." And low premiums are great, but when it comes to the real cost of health care, the premium is just the beginning. Also, with a government shutdown looming on Tuesday, we look at how shutting down the government actually costs us money.

Once welcomed, Syrians in Egypt now face hostility

Egypt once gave a warm welcome to Syrians fleeing the country's civil war but as more have come the welcome is wearing thin.
Posted In: Egypt, syria, refugees

Burlington, Vermont: Land of ice cream, skiing, and ... tech?

The Atlantic's Jim Fallows and his wife Deb stop next in Burlington, Vt., to explore the city's thriving tech industry.
Posted In: Burlington, Vermont, NRG, Heady Topper, Ben & Jerry's

Shut it down! Why a government shutdown costs money

The 2013 government shutdown looms on Tuesday. But if the government closes its doors, shouldn't it cost taxpayers less?
Posted In: government shutdown, debt ceiling

Where did the boomer women go?

Women aged 55-64 have left the workforce by the hundreds of thousands. Meanwhile, men that age are staying in jobs longer than expected. What gives?
Posted In: women, employment, boomer

Passing notes in the back of Coursera

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, allow anyone to be a student. Retirees, soccer moms or radio commentator Beth Teitell.
Posted In: moocs, online education, EdX, Udacity

Popular Science has enough of anti-science trolls

Many websites look at comments as potential profit -- engagement with readers that attracts more readers. But Popular Science is getting rid of them.
Posted In: online comments, gawker, Popular Science

Obamacare premiums: What the price leaves out

President Obama unveiled the premiums for his new health care plans. But when it comes to the real cost of health care, the premium is just the beginning.
Posted In: Obamacare, hospitals, healthcare

Gone sailin': Larry Ellison chooses America's Cup over Oracle

The Oracle CEO skipped a conference for his company's products, basically so he could go sailing in San Francisco Bay.
Posted In: Oracle, Larry Ellison, america's cup

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