Marketplace for Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Marketplace for Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yoga teachers bent on no regulations

The ancient practice of yoga has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, so a growing number of states are trying to regulate it. But that's leaving some yoga teachers in a twist. Lisa Napoli reports.
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Stimulus funds provide opportunities

Dustin Woodman and Russ Dickerson, employees of Coconino Rural Environment Corps, talk with Kai Ryssdal about how the stimulus package has helped their organization.

A different approach to home buying

Critics say the real-estate industry has been slow to react to new realities, using outdated methods of business. But one Seattle start-up is trying to shake things up. Mitchell Hartman reports.
Posted In: Housing

Four simple steps to health care reform

In an effort to seal a deal on health care reform, President Obama may just be on the brink of giving up on a government insurance plan. But Commentator David Frum says much of the reform comes down to individuals.
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Cash-strapped Philly borrows money

Philadelphia will borrow $275 million in the form of an adjustable-rate loan from JPMorgan Chase to pay back vendors. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Is BP's new oil field worth drilling?

British energy company BP has made a giant discovery of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. But it's so deep it could be a decade before we see any oil. Bob Moon reports.
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Off-label marketing costs Pfizer

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer will pay $2.3 billion to settle charges that it illegally promoted pills for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Tamara Keith reports on the down sides to off-label marketing.
Posted In: Crime, Health

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