Marketplace for Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008

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Working 2 jobs, just trying to get by

For a lot of people dealing with rising prices and joblessness, the craziness on Wall Street seems pretty far away. As part of our "Interested Parties" series, Adriene Hill asks Chicago's working poor what they want of a new president.

South African economy feels jitters too

The African National Congress has run South Africa since the first democratic elections in 1994. But a power struggle among ANC leaders is shaking the nation's economy. Gretchen Wilson reports from Johannesburg.

Anybody notice that $610 billion bill?

While most of us are focused on the financial crisis, there is other business afoot in Congress -- such as a $610 billion spending package the House passed today. Steve Henn reports.

Bailout's a little like Prozac for markets

In addition to paying off massive amounts of debt, a goal of the $700 billion bailout plan is to calm the markets and encourage others to put money into them. Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson explains Market Psychology 101.
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Crisis scenario might make us all gulp

We still don't know what Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress last week that got lawmakers so scared. But Marketplace's Bob Moon looks at how bad the worst-case scenarios could be.
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We need a Main Street bailout too

Commentator Robert Reich has been watching all the hearings and statements and posturing of the past couple of days. He says Congress and the White House might have missed some economic fundamentals. And that could put the whole plan in trouble.
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Why is $700 billion the magic number?

For all we know, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson licked his finger, stuck it the air, and said "Right, 700 billion." How was that figure arrived at? Dan Grech reports.
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Bailout bill taking shape in a hurry

The Hank and Ben show made an encore appearance on Capitol Hill today, this time taking their $700 billion bailout proposal before the House Financial Services Committee. Congress has many things it wants to add. John Dimsdale reports.
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