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We're one day closer to the October 17th deadline for the U.S. government to either raise the debt ceiling or default on loans from a whole bunch of lenders. But a cadre of so-called “debt-limit deniers” says it’s no big whoop if the U.S. fails to raise its borrowing limit. That's not helping ease worries from America's two top foreign creditors -- China and Japan have warned the U.S. to be careful. Meanwhile, Janet Yellen is the nominee to be the next Federal Reserve chair. We ask Wall Street how they feel about that. Plus, in the latest installment of our "Americans Futures" series, The Atlantic’s Jim Fallows talks about about small towns that aren’t feeling the pain of the government shutdown. Also, stories on emergency philanthropy and Iowa's farmland. 

High prices for corn and land shape Iowa economy, landscape

How the sky-high price of farmland has reshaped the state.
Posted In: corn, Iowa

Washington brinkmanship aside, the real U.S. economy doesn't look too bad

In his travels for The Atlantic and Marketplace's American Futures project, Jim Fallows says the American economy in small cities and towns is doing all right.
Posted In: Sioux Falls, Burlington, Michigan

No more working at home for Hewlett-Packard employees?

First Yahoo. Now Hewlett-Packard is telling telecommuters to come back into the office.
Posted In: Yahoo, Hp, Hewlett-Packard, telecommuting, working from home, innovation, collaboration

Why China is worried about a potential U.S. default

If the U.S. fails to raise the debt ceiling in time, we'll default on loans from a whole bunch of lenders. Our two top foreign creditors -- China and Japan -- have both warned the U.S. government to be careful. What’s at stake for them?
Posted In: China, debt ceiling

The problem with taking default out for a spin

A cadre of so-called "debt-limit deniers" says it’s no big deal if the U.S. fails to raise its borrowing limit.
Posted In: debt ceiling, federal government

In the wake of federal shutdown, philanthropists step up

Charitable donors have come forward with funds to support programs shuttered in the wake of the government showdown.
Posted In: philanthropy, head start, shutdown

Wall Street, what do you think of Janet Yellen?

Wall Street workers weigh in on Janet Yellen as Fed chair and how things might change with her in the hot seat.
Posted In: Wall Street, Janet Yellen

Disney to stop issuing paper stock certificates

The certificates were a collectors' favorite.
Posted In: disney

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