Marketplace for Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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Marketplace for Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Exploring a state-run health care plan

Democrats and Republicans continue to search for a common ground on the health-care debate. The latest idea: a state-run public health plan. What would that entail? Tamara Keith reports.
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Debit will be hot this holiday season

Credit-card purchases usually rise in the lead-up to the holidays. But this year, studies show consumers are increasingly steering away from credit and opting for debit. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Could tax credits help create jobs?

The U.S. is down more than 8 million jobs since the recession started, and the Obama administration is considering giving companies tax credits if they create new jobs. Harvard University economist Greg Mankiw explains to Kai Ryssdal how it might work.
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East Germany survives in retail form

After East Germany fell, many of its companies were closed and privatized. But some survived. On the 60th anniversary of the communist German Democratic Republic, Brett Neely takes us to a few stores from that era that are still doing business.

NYC threatens to rip Garment District

New York City's Garment District has been a major hub for clothes production for over 100 years. But proposed zoning law changes would open the area up for development. Kai Ryssdal talks to designer Nanette Lepore, who is fighting the changes.

CIT saga is just business as usual

If business lender CIT Group falls into bankruptcy, taxpayers will end up losing $2.3 billion, which is what the firm got from the bailout last year. But commentator Robert Reich says CIT stands to gain about $1 billion from taxpayers' loss.

'King' revamps for global conquest

Burger King patrons will soon be privy to brick walls and industrial metal counter-tops as the chain revamps its restaurants to make it more globally competitive. But this might be a tough sell for franchisees. Rico Gagliano reports.
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