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Today we kicked off a two-part series looking into how Chinese students gain admission into U.S. colleges. Italians reacted to the news that Prime Minister Berlusconi will eventually resign. And though they both have debt problems, Italy and Greece aren't the same. Bond investors in Italy are starting to demand high interest rates. Here in the U.S., Alaska Airlines begins boarding planes that being flown, in part, on biofuels. Three mayors discussed their cities' current financial situations. And commentator Megan McArdle talked about creating jobs for the 99 percent.

Mayors plan for long work ahead

Three newly elected and re-elected mayors across the U.S. discuss the plans and priorities they have for their cities.
Posted In: Economy

Italians react to Berlusconi's exit and Italy's debt crisis

Voices from the streets of Rome on Italian's current debt crisis.

The business of job creation

Millions of Americans are out of work. So what can the federal government do?

Who's afraid of the bond market?

The government debt market can be as dull as dust. But as Italy is seeing, the hint of economic vulnerability ignites investor fear and wrath.
Posted In: Wall Street

The fuel of the future

Alaska Airlines starts a trial run of biofuel-powered jets today.
Posted In: Airlines

Italy in crisis, but it's not Greece

Italy's borrowing cost rose above 7 percent today, causing worry on global markets, but comparisons with Greece overlook a number of key differences.

Agriculture department not charging a Christmas tree tax

This final note today, the truth in journalism edition. Offered 'cause we almost got caught up in it ourselves. Despite what you may have heard ...
Posted In: Christmas, Final Note

Letters: Republican "debates," the Conficker worm

Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: the money in Republican "debates," the Conficker worm and why revolution hasn't come to Saudi Arabia.

Chinese students, too qualified to be true?

China has hundreds of agencies that specialize in getting Chinese students into American colleges and universities. But their application materials may be as much fiction as fact. A two-part series.
Posted In: Education, China

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