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President Obama’s been re-elected, but will his relationship with Wall Street be any different? We look at how Obama might spend his political capital. Kai Ryssdal follows up with a small business owner to see how she feels about the president being elected to a second term. Mitt Romney won't be getting the presidential job; the Wealth & Poverty Desk looks at the job market for others in his demographic -- unemployed 65-year-old white males. Meanwhile, the European Commission has cut its growth forecast for the eurozone for this year and next. And thousands of flights are being canceled due to the Nor'easter.

A balance sheet of 'political capital'

President Obama and House Republicans both say they have it, but who has more?
Posted In: Barack Obama, Congress, fiscal cliff

For a small business owner, taxes are the key to their vote

We check back in with Olalah Njenga, a small business owner and formerly undecided voter.
Posted In: njenga, 2012 election, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Taxes

What are your favorite election phrases?

A look at words, taglines and phrases that came out of past elections. Which were your favorites?
Posted In: 2012 election

Obama re-election douses Wall Street

Share prices tanked the day after Obama’s re-election. Wall Street had rooted for Romney and his corporate, investment and personal tax cuts.
Posted In: 2012 election, Wall Street

On the influence of money in politics

Revisiting the issue of money and its role in politics in this country.
Posted In: campaign finance, campaign contributions, super PACs

Marketing Obamacare to the masses

With the health care laws a sure thing, insurers are readying their sales pitches.
Posted In: health care, Affordable Care Act

Post-election, a polling conundrum

Gallup's editor-in-chief on last night's election results and the rise of poll "aggregators."
Posted In: polls, 2012 election

Gov. Romney: 65 and out of work

If you're 65 and unemployed, you're more likely to be that way for a long time.
Posted In: Retirement, Jobs, Unemployment, romney

European economic outlook grows darker

The storm clouds are gathering over the European economy. The European Commission says the economy in the European Union will shrink this year and that next year it will only barely grow.
Posted In: Europe, European Union, European Commission

How airlines weather the cost of catastrophe

Passengers can buy flight insurance to cover canceled trips. But when planes can't fly, airlines have no such protection.
Posted In: weather, storm, airline industry, Airlines

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