Marketplace for Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Marketplace for Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Economy incentive in Ohio casino vote

After nearly two decades of saying no to casino gambling, Ohio voters have decided to roll the dice. They're going to bring casinos to four cities to get the economy going. Dan Moulthrop looks at what caused the turnaround.
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Will financial regulation really help?

The House Financial Services Committee started amending the Financial Stability Improvement Act today. But some are left wondering whether anything Congress does will make a real difference. John Dimsdale reports.
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Asset bubbles could be back

Central banks have taken extraordinary steps to get the global economy going again, but easy money may be creating its own problems. This week, both the World Bank and IMF warned that asset bubbles could be back, particularly in Asia. Steve Henn reports.

Examining U of Phoenix recruitment

The University of Phoenix is fighting a lawsuit claiming it ripped taxpayers off by billions of dollars. Marketplace's Amy Scott and Sharona Coutts of ProPublica get info from a former Phoenix recruiter in the last of a two-part series.
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Arizona split on use of impact fees

Arizona's cities and homebuilders have been slammed by the recession, and both have very different ideas about how money should be raised to keep the state's roads and sewers from crumbling. Peter O'Dowd reports.
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Avoid bailouts: Restore Glass-Steagall

The five biggest Wall Street banks are raking in huge profits and paying fat salaries with more confidence they'll receive bailouts if they get into trouble. Commentator Robert Reich offers this solution to avoid "too big to fail."

Why India is going heavy on the gold

Thanks in large part to India's purchase of 200 metric tons of gold yesterday, the precious metal hit a record high. Rico Gagliano explores the pros and cons of the massive sale.
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