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Central Banks in several countries have agreed to lower their interest rates to make it easier for Europe to borrow. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte talks about how the European financial crisis is impacting the Netherlands. Commentator Robert Reich says the U.S. needs to extend the payroll tax to create a healthier economy. The U.S. is exporting more oil than it imports for the first time in more than 60 years. Some established manufacturing companies are trying to look more like startups. And the Millionaire Matchmakers talk about how finding the perfect job is a lot like finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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McDonald's keeps the happy in Happy Meals

The fast food giant finds a workaround to San Francisco's new toy law.
Posted In: McDonald's, Happy Meal

Reich: Extend the payroll tax cut

The American economy is sagging. Job growth is at a standstill. So how do we kickstart the economy?

Central banks unite to help Europe

The Federal Reserve and other major central banks take coordinated action to provide cheap dollars to European banks that face funding problems
Posted In: European Central Bank, Federal Reserve

Extend the payroll tax cut

The American economy is sagging. Job growth at a standstill. So what's the best way to kickstart the economy?
Posted In: payroll tax, bargain

U.S. factories adapt to stay competitive

To combat cheaper labor costs overseas, some companies have switched from mass production to "mass customization."
Posted In: manufacturing, technology

Shift in the oil trade

For the first time in 62 years, the U.S. will export more petroleum than it gets.
Posted In: Oil

Dutch prime minister on the future of the eurozone

The Netherlands' prime minister Mark Rutte discusses the future of Europe, the eurozone and the global economy.
Posted In: Barack Obama, Mark Rutte, Europe debt crisis

How trying to find a job is like trying to find love

Looking for a job can often feel like looking for a romantic relationship. Patti Stanger and Destin Pfaff, Bravo's own "Millionaire Matchmakers," discuss the similarities and offer their tips.

Secret Santa in the Senate

For the first time ever, U.S. senators are doing a Secret Santa gift exchange.
Posted In: Christmas

Why the central banks stepped in

The Federal Reserve and other central banks announced today they were teaming up to increase liquidity in the global economy. What does this mean, and will it actually help the European debt crisis?
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Federal Reserve

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