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President Obama is asking Americans to speak out about the fiscal cliff and middle class tax cuts by using the hashtag #My2k on Twitter -- but how much influence can a hashtag have? In the wake of news that Jeff Zucker could soon lead CNN, we dissect how the news channel has been doing. Britain's government has set a minimum price for alcohol to help combat excessive drinking. Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner talks about pro bono economics. And in the last part of our series on Walmart and labor, a look at how organized labor is trying to hold marquee retailers responsible for the low-wage workers who move their goods.

Left, right or center: Time for CNN to rethink its brand

On the verge of hiring former NBC head honcho Jeff Zucker, cable news expert Gabriel Sherman thinks it's time for CNN to do a branding exercise.
Posted In: cnn, cable news, Jeff Zucker, Fox News, MSNBC, media

British government wants booze price hike

Faced with the costs of alcoholism and alcohol-related crime, Britain's government wants to introduce a mandatory minimum price for alcohol. Cheap drink is believed to cost the country billions of dollars each year.
Posted In: Britain, alcohol

Obama tries a hashtag to avoid the fiscal cliff

The Obama administration is using #My2K to raise awareness about middle-class tax increases.
Posted In: hashtag, Twitter, marketing, fiscal cliff, Barack Obama

Free-conomics: Economists go pro bono

Economists are a notoriously self-interested bunch. But one British outfit is giving away its services.
Posted In: economists, Charity

Conference switches lucrative for college teams

University of Louisville shifts to the ACC, the latest conference shift in college sports.
Posted In: Sports, college sports

Warehouse 'permatemps' push Walmart accountability

Protests put Walmart in the public eye, and legal strategy targets Walmart as industry giant.
Posted In: Walmart, low-wage, permatemp, subcontracting, warshouse

Tolkien's estate battles over 'Hobbit' rights

The issue isn't "Hobbit" action figures and merchandise, but intangible uses like a Hobbit ringtone.
Posted In: copyright, merchandising, film, The Hobbit

Google users get 'Scroogled' in Microsoft's new ads

Microsoft's Bing is doing all it can to gain market share from Google.
Posted In: Google, bing, Microsoft

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