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On today's show, Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner discussed the hidden side of Thanksgiving dinner. We contemplated the possibility of a eurozone breakup. The price of oil is skyrocketing. Robert Reich argued a healthy economy is not about re-distributing wealth. And NBA players have filed an anti-trust lawsuit.

What happens if the eurozone breaks up?

For all its woes, the 17-member single currency zone is an feat of European cooperation. A breakup would have consequences in Europe and beyond.
Posted In: Europe debt crisis

Reich: If the 1% had less, would the 99% be better off?

Join us for a week long commentary series asking that question. We'll hear from economists, academics, and the public.
Posted In: If the 1 percent had less would the 99 percent be better off?

Can the ECB save Europe?

The U.S. central bank, known as the Federal Reserve, is the lender of last resort. Its bond-buying orgy bailed out banks during the financial crisis and rescued the economy. But its European equivalent has neither the ability not the will to do the same for the eurozone.
Posted In: European Central Bank, ECB

Gas prices are up, but drivers aren't to blame

The price of crude oil has jumped to more than $100 a barrel. Many analyst blame "speculators." But it turns out, these days "speculators" are often pensions and mutual funds, not just traditional traders.
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Where family ends for super committee and budget cutters

One idea of President Obama's that both parties have taken up is that government has to live within its means, just like families do. But the economics of a government are very different from those of a family.
Posted In: Supercommittee, Joint Deficit Reduction Committee

Your Thanksgiving turkey is probably a product of artificial insemination

Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner discusses why the turkey industry is built around artificial insemination.
Posted In: turkey, Thanksgiving

Toxic chemicals in your baby shampoo

Johnson & Johnson announced today it's going to start removing two toxic chemicals from its popular baby shampoo.

NBA players file anti-trust lawsuit

The suit looks to finally end the pro basketball lockout, but would also give the players triple the amount of their salaries for damages. The players' lawyer, David Boies, talks about the details.
Posted In: NBA

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