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In today’s press conference, President Obama talked about his ideas on how to fix the fiscal cliff. The state of Texas has enough signatures to go to the White House to secede from the United States. With the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy still looming, many companies are using the storm as a cover-up for their lost in sales. California is holding its first auction of carbon permits, launching its cap-and-trade system. Austerity strikes are going on across Europe. One stop shops Walmart and Costco are beginning to sell something a little different: home mortgages. And Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner talks the hidden side of mass transit.

Save the earth, drive your car?

Adding lots of train and bus lines to car-congested roads would seem to be an environmental slam dunk. If only the math would cooperate.
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How lame ducks compare in business, politics

President Obama has four more years. Are there lessons from CEOs who have declared when they’ll leave or who face a mandatory retirement age?
Posted In: lame duck, Barack Obama, ceo

Firms point finger at Sandy for poor results

The recent storm is being blamed by firms who see a drop in profits or performance, but some doubt the poor results can really be blamed on the weather.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy

Strikes signal greater unity problems in eurozone

Europeans in Spain, Portugal and Greece protest austerity measures with a general strike today, but the real problem could be a greater lack of unity across the eurozone.
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Costco offers home mortgages

Costco hopes getting a mortgage through the big box retailer will bring more customers into the store for the things they'll need to furnish those homes.
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'Cliff' fix should include triggers

Commentator Robert Reich says we should hold tax increases and spending cuts until economy improves.
Posted In: Bush tax cuts, fiscal cliff

California's first carbon auction launches pollution market

It's official: Companies must now purchase permits to emit excess levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the state of California.
Posted In: carbon emissions, carbon tax, california

Beermaker Molson Coors blames NHL strike for poor sales

The CEO of Molson Coors says the strike in the National Hockey League has affected sales up north.
Posted In: NHL, Coors, beer, strike

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